Menschen protestieren, ein Kind hält ein Schild mit der Aufschrift "We want be free, dont want camo"


Many refugees arrive in Greece because of its geographic location, which places a proportionally greater burden for the country and its inhabitants than it is the case in other EU member states. Although all EU members committed to the Geneva Convention on Refugees through Article 18 of their Charter of Fundamental Rights, Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary have refused to accept refugees. There are no regulated redistribution policies. For fear of losing voters to right-wing populist parties, a solidarity-based refugee policy is unpopular among European governments.

All this sums up the behaviour of a supranational association of states that was awarded with Nobel Peace Prize in 2012. In our opinion, the EU's treatment of refugees and people in distress at sea has to be described as inhumane and insufficient. The deaths in the Mediterranean Sea must be stopped. The undignified conditions in refugee camps must be eliminated. The reception process must be radically accelerated in order to preserve human dignity and right to asylum for every human on flight. Europe is a rich community of states. We therefore demand safe havens and safe escape routes. We have necessary capacities to save people from death and to release them out of misery!

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In 1950, UNHCR was founded to help millions of people fleeing after World War II. The Geneva Refugee Convention was adopted in the following year, and the UN Refugee Agency sees itself as its "guardian." The protection of refugees worldwide is therefore at the heart of its work. UNHCR is active in 134 countries worldwide on behalf of asylum seekers, refugees, internally displaced persons, stateless persons and returnees.

Human Rights Watch

Humans Right Watch is an international non-governmental organization that works to protect and defend human rights. They give a voice to victims of human rights abuse and put pressure on leaders and policymakers. Their researchers work in over 100 countries, including Syria and Myanmar, to expose human rights abuses. They advocate for changes in policy by meeting with governments, rebels, corporations, and the United Nations, among others. They share the stories they encounter daily with millions of people on social media and their website.


Space-Eye is a non-profit organization with the goal of documenting what is happening on the Mediterranean Sea and helping people on the flight. To do this, they work with satellite and drone imagery to track refugee boats and enable safer and more efficient rescues.
In November 2020, Seebrücke Passau, in cooperation with Space-Eye, collected donations for people in refugee camps. You can find more info about this action here..