Demo zum Weltgeflüchtetentag ein voller Erfolg

On the occasion of World Refugee Day, a demonstration was also held in Passau. On Tuesday afternoon, more than 60 participants first gathered in the Klostergarten to draw attention to the dangers of flight and to speak out for respect for human rights in asylum policy. Afterwards, the demonstrators carried their demands through the Altstadt to the Rathausplatz.

In addition to the organisers of Seebrücke Passau, other civil society groups such as Amnesty International, Fridays For Future, Sierra Leone Union Passau, Azadi Passau and others participated. Topics of the speeches included European asylum policy with a special focus on the CEAS reform, the climate crisis as a cause of flight and migration and calls for more solidarity. "We are happy that we were also able to send a clear signal in Passau against the EU's deadly migration policy," says Hannes Hieronimi, member of Seebrücke Passau. "The decisions and events of recent weeks show that politics is moving further and further away from our values and principles of human dignity. Therefore, it is more important than ever to oppose these developments as a civil society."

Die Demonstration in Passau reiht sich ein in über 35 Demonstrationen, die deutschlandweit von Lokalgruppen der Seebrücke organisiert wurden. Die Seebrücke ist eine zivilgesellschaftliche und antirassistische Bewegung, die sich für Seenotrettung, für sichere Fluchtwege und für die dauerhafte Aufnahme von geflüchteten Menschen in Deutschland einsetzt.